As a privately owned boutique real estate firm, we at RED GROUP provide the highest level of service, quality and value to our investors.
By pairing unique, research-driven market insights with global experience and perspective, we are able to offer our clients tailor-made, highly profitable investment opportunities.


As evidenced through the acquisition, development and management of various real estate investments in Miami and Panama City, we have proven our expertise in the creation of valuable real estate investment opportunities through the sourcing and executing of mixed-use development projects in strategic areas — both emerging markets and top notch cities — around the world. Because we are a boutique real estate firm, we are better able to make smart, swift investment decisions that can be implemented rapidly.

Core to RED GROUP is the philosophy that our performance is best measured by the success of our investors. With more than two dozen high-yielding projects under our belt, we pride ourselves on the shared success we continue to foster and on the happiness of our growing network of valued investors.


Metropolitan Miami has developed into a cosmopolitan, urban center with unparalleled vibrancy in terms of its business and cultural communities, and the exceptional quality of life it offers its residents. With sun that shines year round and an average daily temperature of just over 75 degrees, Miami provides a casual yet exhilarating environment where outdoor activities abound. This, combined with its food, fashion, film, explosive art scene, acclaimed basketball team, rich multicultural identity and legendary nightlife, are among the many contributing factors to Miami’s growing and globally recognized appeal.

With an economy that relies heavily on tourism and the MSA's standing as the gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, tourism, trade, international finance, healthcare and entertainment have become major industries in the local business community. Additionally, Miami’s large transportation sector, fueled by the Port of Miami and Miami International Airport, add greatly to employment and the Miami economy. Because of its ties to Latin America and the Caribbean, Miami has attracted more than 1,200 multinational corporations currently conducting business in Florida. And to facilitate the ease of doing business, Miami has the second largest concentration of domestic and international banks on the East Coast after New York City.

ll in all, Miami is a thriving, growing, bustling, famously scintillating city … and it’s just getting started.

Having flown under the radar until recent years, Panama has undoubtedly begun to make its mark on the global stage. One of the safest countries in Latin America and fastest growing countries in the world, it offers everything from the sophistication of a cosmopolitan city to the exotic beauty of its tropical rainforests and wildlife, mountainous terrain, turquoise waters and just about everything in between. And all of this exists in one of the more idyllic climates imaginable … no earthquakes, no hurricanes, just what is essentially endless summer.

With the US dollar as its main currency and an accumulated GDP of 38% (over the last four years), Panama is a westernized country that plays a key role in the global economy. Contributing to its economic strength is of course its claim to fame and 8th wonder of the world, the Panama Canal. This unrivaled engineering feat allows for the passage of more than 14,000 ships carrying 300 million tons of commodities, enabling Panama’s participation in 5% of world trade. Construction is currently underway to complete a $6 billion expansion of the canal. Because of the easy pass between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans Panama allows, it offers direct access to more than 3.5 billion people.

But Panama’s impressive infrastructure doesn’t stop there. With the second largest Free Trade Zone in the world, a sizeable banking sector, a highway and metro system akin to those in the US, Panama is set to continue on its path of remarkable growth and progress for years to come. This, paired with its breathtaking and diverse natural beauty makes Panama a captivating, can’t-miss destination full of untapped opportunity.


Market analysis
Property Management/Rentals
Tax and legal
With an experienced eye for detail and an expert pulse on the market, we assess each opportunity with the scrutiny required to ensure every project we take on is not only worthwhile, but also profitable. We estimate potential through an analysis of the state of the local real estate market — taking into consideration changes in economic, demographic and inventory characteristics — and pair the insights born from that analysis with future projections.
Leveraging the knowledge gained from analysis, we are able to enter into development knowing we’ve identified the most lucrative of opportunities. Having studied the landscape and emerging deals within it, we craft project-specific strategies that highlight the unique proposition each property brings to its investors, owners and inhabitants. Whether short-term or longer term, residential or commercial, the development phase is where our expertise and innovative instinct collide.
Our team is well-structured to market and manage all properties with which we are associated, ensuring hassle-free high returns. We have a dedicated team, overseeing not only the management of units sold but the seamless care and conduct of guests renting units from the moment they book to the moment they leave. This team, responsible for upholding the standard of excellence we strive to maintain for all properties, facilitates necessary maintenance to make certain all units are in impeccable condition at all times.
The longstanding relationships we have with reputable tax attorneys and lawyers extend to our investors. Understanding, however, that many of our investors are hours and oceans away, we make every effort to ensure their investments are handled with the utmost care from start to finish without their having to lift a finger. This means, as part of the services we offer our investors, we handle all legal obligations associated with their investment, inclusive of paying taxes and filing returns. In essence, we take care of it all.

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